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This presidency is my Chernobyl

Building of another Illuminati Temple on the backs of the willing sheep.

I Voted With a Rifle, Not With a Pen Borrowed From My Warden

Congratulations! Like many other sheeple you managed to live through the latest "election" or whatever the appropriate word is for STAGED, FAKE, FRAUD, CONSPIRACY, 200+ YEAR OLD JOKE ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. You might as well have just written in "400 more years of Barack Obama" for all the good your cute little ballot with its hanging chads will have done. Like any sane free-thinker, I boycotted this most recent of frauds, instead taking the oppurtunity to enjoy a nice bottle of whiskey (still legal, despite our Muslim-in-Chief) and a few hundred rounds downrange (definitely double-illegal). The good news, what little we have left of it, is that if you're reading this then our glorious "Kim Jong Il of the West" hasn't managed to implement his latest attempt to destroy the Constitution, aptly named "Net neutrality" in honor of the Swiss who bravely served as bankers to the Nazis.
In any event, should you be able to read this missive, God Bless! And may you not be shot on sight for praising His name. His name being Jesus, despite Comrade Kenyas attempt to usurp the only true authority that man must submit to.

Take my Rights, Please! And other False Flags

Is it any wonder that the false flag terror attacks made so popular by George W. Bush would continue into Obama's second term? NO! Says any right thinking person. Of course the latest scam cooked up by the gun-grabbers in the cesspool of Washington would be to kill a bunch of children. Who may or may not exist. SANDY HOOK HOAX So why is it that the actions of a SCARY LONE GUNMAN is actually a case of a "sophisticated black operation that involved intense planning, multiple shooters, and staged corporate media reporting." Read all about it here: Sandy Hook Mass Shooting Exposed. Tragically (of course) it's obvious when you look at the profile the government so carefully chose for dear Adam.
Who is Adam Lanza? Young. White. Christian. Conservative. Owns guns. Plays (violent) video games. Has autism (a very clever addition to win allies among the anti-vaccination movement. Divide and Conquer!) The corporate media was only too happy to ram this narrative down our throats. The scary Republican with his scary BLACK RIFLES, coming to kill all your children. Just another step on the road to making you gleefully give up yours rights. Your guns. Your freedoms. Your thoughts. Most Americans know better of course. We know that rifle is the last thing standing between the America we remember and the vision the Left has promised us. The concrete paradise of the USSR, to be reborn in the last bastion of the followers of the True Christ.
They know they can't take away your guns. Not yet anyway. So they plan - like always - to make you give away voluntarily what you hold most dear. Nationwide Plan for Gun Confiscation Exposed. Like always, the laws that restrict and take away your guns will be written by the NRA. You know, the organization which always needs your money, always more, always promising to protect your rights, to keep you safe, to stand up for the Constitution they burn to light their cigars. The Founding Fathers didn't pay a shadowy industry lobbying group to protect them from England. They did it themselves. They fought for every right that you are paying someone to take away from you.
Do you remember when taxes paid for roads, bridges, schools, and churches? I don't know if any of us are that old. The America we live in is the one where your taxes pay to bring illegals into the country to take your jobs. To bomb people in other countries who are fighting for the same principles ours was found upon. To poison our food, our water, our skies. To tell you can't grow food without chemicals, you can't sell milk to your neighbor, you can't even buy the very rifle that was used to grant you the right to own one without the government's "permission". What has the government given you that it has not taken tenfold?
Medicines that make you sick?
Safety laws that make you a victim?
The right to be a slave?
Is it too late to ask you to wake up?

Obama's Legacy: The Chernobyl of the 21st Century

All praise to dear leader! But wait? Maybe he's not really an American citizen as required by the Constitution of the United States of America but actually from Kenyan! This shocking evidence keeps piling up but DIMocrats just make jokes hoping people will think tea party is racist and forget all about this, but TRUTH SEEKERS at Obama's Chernobyl are here to bring you the "straight dope" as LIEberals like to call the "truth".

Here is claimed photograph from liberal media and communist apologists ironically called FactChecK (maybe you should fact-check your own name first) which obviously made in 3d software using bump maps and "RAY-TRACING" computer algorithms. I made a more convincing 3D GRAPHICS RAY-TRACED COMPUTER RENDERING in my computer science 3d art 101 class in college!

Ask yourself, if Obama were really an American born, Hawaiian citizen, then why is Obama's spending so many taxpayer dollars to help the Kenyan economy? In fact, if you look at the budget, over 5 times as much federal funding is going to projects in Kenya as they are to Hawaii. If that's not evidence enough, the vast majority of these projects are located near his hometown (more like birthplace). The tragedy is that this is not even the shocking part. Many more of your dollars are being spent to help Obama's cousin, socialist Raila Odinga, become the president of Kenya. In the Luo Tribe, blood is thicker than water (and your hard earned tax dollars) which is fitting because in 2007 Odinga was responsible for a genocide killing over 1,000 people. Small potatoes compared to what FEMA has in store for us, but for them it was just a field test, a practice run for their true plans.

Obama's fake birth certificate

Why do people not understand such OBVIOUS FACTS in plain sight? Is it because FEMA is spreading chemicals "chemtrails" into our atmosphere - the very air which we must breath to survive - that makes are brains weak and easy to manipulate? Or Monsanto using GENETIC ENGINEERING to make us eat steroids and PRESCRIPTION GRADE antidepressants that make us sick forcing us to rely on expensive government run OBAMACARE? Grow you own vegetables and use chemical warfare grade gasmask when outdoors to keep yourself healthy! Say no to Barry Soetorro's special medicine!!!

FEMA releases chemicals in the air to make us compliant

There are many TRUTH SEEKERS on GOD'S (JESUS FROM THE ONE TRUE CHRISTIAN BIBLE) PLANET but very few TRUTH DISCOVERERS. Andrew Breitbart discovered the secret truths that Barry tried to keep hidden (SHAKING HANDS WITH PRO AFFIRMATIVE RIGHTS CIA/KGB commie agent Derrick Bell who was plottign to overthrow US Gov't). Is this why Barack Obama ordered him secretly killed using special drugs in his drink to give him a heart attack? The last man to see him alive (besides the assassin) said he appeared COMPLETELY HEALTHY! Do healthy people drop dead from "heart attacks" all the time? I don't think so! And yet this is the story that the liberal media pushed - including FOX News for those of you foolish enough to believe that THEY can be trusted and more than the Communist News Network. Breitbart's friends and employees knew from day one what really happened but too many of us were blind to see this truth. Too ready to stand aside and let them take away our country without so much as a whisper of protest.

They tell us the Indian cries for the trash carelessly left on the freeway, but in truth he weeps for the country that was stolen from him, and his failure to prevent it. In a generation will the only trace of the proud American militiaman just be a face on TV? His only purpose to remind our children to listen to the government man is his expensive suit and genetically modified produce? Will the faces of our proudest leaders weep down the face Mount Rushmore as their successors heap trillions of debt upon our backs to pay for their fake wars and paper patriotism? Is this all that is left of the American dream? Are there any heroes left to stand against the storm?

Andrew Breitbart assassinated for trying to reveal the truth about obama

But faux-liberal-conservative conspiracy is running out of fingers to plug the dyke!!! Our next TRUTH DISCOVERER is famous ex-plumber "Say it ain't so" Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Arizona:

Is sheriff Joe next???

Like a real cowboy like John Wayne or Chuck Norris he formed a posse to investigate illegal immigrant BARACK HUSSEIN "OBAMA" SOETORO and his forged birth certificate, selective service card, passport, DOES THIS MAN HAVE EVEN ONE REAL DOCUMENT TO SAY WHO HE REALLY IS???? Sheriff Joe is a real american hero so you can bet he is already IN THE CROSSHAIRS of the illuminati shadow government that put a non-US citizen in the White House JUST TO PROVE HOW POWERFUL THEY ARE AND HOW WEAK WE ARE!

Why were US NAVY SEALS reported to be seen on deepwater horizon before accident?

The Illuminati has a long history of trying to control the world population! They have many strategies like sabotaging the economy and making people depend on government help. The BP oil spill on Deepwater Horizon oil platform was an obvious false flag attack. Ask yourself, if this was a real accident, why did the workers report seeing US NAVY SEALS on the rig moments before the explosions? These US Special Forces are trained to move in secret, but the hardworking American oilmen are like the true patriots of the Revolutionary War and could see that the "British are coming!" Like they say in New York, "if you see something, say something" and these men saw suspicious black helicopters that could only belong to special operators like the Navy SEALS who have been brainwashed to follow the illegal orders of Barack Obama and the shadow government. Thankfully these men were not afraid to report the TRUTH of what they saw that day to the alternative media, even though many of the survivors were shot by their "fellow Americans" as they tried to escape the burning shell of Deepwater Horizon, and the few who got away have since died from "mysterious illnesses" cause by chemicals used by the so-called "firefighters" who came to their "rescue".

US Government sabotages Deepwater Horizon oil platform

Does this photograph look like a simple accident by a company with safety record better than top airlines? (Don't listen to MSM, liberals have spread there lies about BP's safety record to coverup the deliberate sabotage) NO! This looks like a Hollywood explosion deliberately engineered to make ordinary (ignorant and compliant) Americans afraid of oil drilling! Then these "environmentalists" were forced to ban all oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico for "safety" reasons. By making us scared they were able to shut down critical US oil infrastructure and drive up the cost of oil and gas in order to make us already struggling patriots even poorer! Gas is more expensive, guns are more expensive, food is more expensive! Their plan is to make us too poor to feed and defend ourselves from BIG GOVERNMENT - we must all come GROVELING TO BARRY HUSSEIN SOETORO and his shadow government MASTERS (FEMA, BILDERBERG, G20, ETC) and beg for handouts. In exchange for all of our GOD GIVEN freedoms this World Government will pat us on the heads and say "good slaves! Eat your poisoned scraps from off the floor!"

Obama's vision for America

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster is a blueprint for Obama's presidency - in less than 4 years America is an exploded shell of it's former shell. Like chernobyl America's cities have become empty and vacant because of no jobs and the government wants to give you free "healthcare" but actually performs sercret government tests on you like USSR. When you learn what is Chernobyl you learn what is to become of America. Memorize the Constitution right now! teach your children! they will burn the paper but they cannot make A REAL PATRIOT forget what America really is!

There is no coincidence that these so-called accidents occurred at nuclear sites like Chernobyl and Fukishima even thought factually nuclear power is over 100 times safer than coal or natural gas. Chernobyl had a near perfect safety record for over a decade, but then suddenly one day all the workers became incompetant and "accidently" blew up their power plant? How stupid do they think we are? But apparently we are gullible and stupid because the "official" story is the one that made it into the history books and is the one we all naively believe despite overwhelmy evidence to the contrary the the mainstream media keeps buried.

Our governments have staged a constant war on nuclear power for civilian use (yet it is still apparently safe enough to power our naval ships and secret government bunkers). Why are they so afraid of cheap and near limitless power? Why do they want us to live in constant fear? Is it just to have one more way to keep us under their thumb? Can the truth really be that simple?

HAARP - WMD aimed at America

What is HAARP? If you ask the government they say it's the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Just a simple research program, nothing harmful right? No, HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction which is capable of generating "radio Waves strong enough to cause earthquakes" and has been used many times against foreign and domestic target! In addition, its abilities to alter the ionisphere gives the New World Order the ability to selectively destabilising agricultural and ecological systems of entire regions! If these horrifying truths are not enough to terrify you then maybe you are prepared to learn about MIND CONTROL!!
HAARP is able to generate extremely low frequency radio waves (in the 8HZ frequency), is it just a coincidence that this is the EXACT SAME FREQUENCY of human brainwaves? Maybe the goverment spent billions of dollars to build a device that accidently allows them to cause depression, anxiety, violent urges, etc...? Or are there sinister plots at work? We already know about FEMA's plan to kill off large quantities of the world population, and HAARP is a key part of this plot. Obviously the New World Order doesn't want to look guilty; their plan is to appear to be our saviors, replacing Jesus as the object of our worship and obedience. HAARP will be used to cause the masses to riot, to cause us to kill one another, then Barack Obama and his minions in FEMA can step down from Heaven and "save" us from the chaos he created in the first place!

Justin Bieber: Tool of the Illuminati

You are probably thinking, "if it is this bad, why don't we just destroy HAARP? It's just a bunch of flimsy antennas out in the woods, right?"


20 years ago, destroying HAARP may have been an option, but thanks to many technological advances (from salvaged alien UFO tech still being analyzed at secret government labs) this mind control tech has become much smaller and portable. Corporate lapdogs who have pledged their allegiance to the NWO - instead of the Constitution - now have access to it! Why does Justin Bieber (the obvious creation of the corporate media) have so many millions of fans who clearly demonstrate the signs of mob mentality and behavior modification? Could it be because of so called "autotune" devices are actually miniturized HAARPs being used to turn innocent bystanders into slavish consumers who desperately spend their meager incomes on empty material pleasures? Are you still naive enough to believe we live in a "free market" where your decisions are even yours to make? The entire history of governments and media has been the manipulation of the people. Actual mind control was only the next step in the evolution of the destruction of the indivual pysche. Is it any wonder that a practicing Muslim - Barack Obama - would hesitate to use this technology against us? We are not, afterall, his fellow Americans, but an enemy society that he and his NWO comrades are Hell-bent on wiping out.

Obama playing golf on mars

Since this PRETENDER IN CHIEF likes raising our taxes and playing golf so much (instead of being a great American like #1 president Ronald Reagen who always kept a bible (NOT A KORAN) in his jacket) maybe we should all "chip in" and send him on a vacation to Mars so he can hit a "hole-in-one" into a black hole! This may only be a tiny dent in the New World Order's plan; they think we will be falling over ourselves to re-elect the "annointed one" instead of the REAL people's choice: Ron Paul!
This of course is why they ran fake Republican (RINO) Mitt Romney to trick conservatives into thinking that "one of them" could win, and like true sheep enough of them fell for it. The MSM fauns over Obama and the alternative press which should (SHOULD!) know better shoes in for Romney - another false Christian who's crazy moon beliefs are about as American as those of Barry S. Of course the so-called "Alt Press" tries to make it look like the election was stolen from Mittens by Obama - as if both candidates weren't working for the same master - and not from the American people. Can there be a bigger red herring than "Democrats aren't counting Rebublican votes" WHEN THE ENTIRE SYSTEM IS A SHAM?